Unspeakable Joy

Posted on 18 Sep 2017, Pastor: Rev. Derek Geldart

As a Christian do you feel unspeakable joy? Many try to live the first part the verse by strictly following the commands of Christ. Their hopes are that they may become right in the sight of God and have peace in their lives. Like the Pharisees, Christians often become so legalistic in their thinking that they tend to forget that following God’s commands is not to be a burden but a source of great joy. Today’s sermon is going to focus on the first miracle that Jesus performed: turning the water into wine. John describes this miracle in a manner that clearly points to salvation as being the source of unspeakable joy! Through His death and resurrection Christ has offered humanity new wine in old wine skins. These jars of clay need not worry about their fragility for those who have faith in Christ will have joy that wells up from the living waters.