Overcoming Doubt

Posted on 09 Jul 2017, Pastor: Rev. Derek Geldart

Just because Christians have the spiritual gift mix needed to accomplish the divine role that God has assigned them does not mean that running the race or winning crowns of righteousness is easy. Most of the time their heart’s desire is to meditate on His word day and night so that they might not sin against Him … well most of the time! When Jesus heaps blessings upon us it is easy to have the kind of faith that can move a mighty mountain but in the face of trials and tribulations the mountains that we often create are those of doubt. Sometimes Christians doubt their calling even to the extent that they question whether Jesus is who He says He is, our Creator and Redeemer who loves us beyond measure. While we often associate doubt with a lack of spiritual maturity, some of the greatest leaders in the Bible had doubts from time to time. In this sermon, I am going to talk about one of those great leaders, John the Baptist. The first part of this sermon will outline how a spiritually mature leader like John came to doubt Jesus as the Messiah. The second part will outline Jesus’ defense of John’s ministry while the last part will focus on the cure for doubt, seeing oneself through the eyes of Christ!