Only Two Ways to Live

Posted on 04 Jun 2017, Pastor: Rev. Derek Geldart

Ever before the Christian is a choice between two distinct and very different ways to live one’s life. Psalms 1 is a magnificent gateway to the extraordinary ancient collection of Hebrew religious verses of the Psalter, often called “the father of all the wisdom psalms.” Psalms 1 divides humanity into two distinct classes that can easily be distinguished and fates easily defined. For those Christians who choose to walk in sync, stand or sit with the wicked of this world then all their attempts to prosper in God’s kingdom will amount to nothing more than chaff blowing in the wind! For those Christians who seek happiness and fulfilment through meditation and delight in God’s instructions, then they will stand firm, yield fruit and prosper. In the first chapter of Psalms Christians are invited to examine the choices they have made so that they might answer a crucial question: am I living on the path that imitates the wicked ways of this world or the path that is faithful and obedient to God’s instructions