God’s Attributes: Immanence, Holiness and Perfection

Posted on 23 May 2017, Pastor: Rev. Derek Geldart

What God has revealed about Himself is called His attributes. Last week’s sermon focused on two of God’s attributes: grace and omnipresence. By grace I mean that while God should eternally disapprove and condemn all of humanity, His providing the means to know Him through the atoning death of His Son Jesus is evidence of the incomprehensible, immense and overwhelming goodness of our God! While we cannot comprehend the atonement of Christ, His grace should compel us to not squander our lives but to take every opportunity to serve our Creator. By omnipresence I mean that God is indivisible present everywhere at all times. If one goes to the heavens, hell or the depths of the sea, God is there. When God seems distant from us it is not because He spatially distant but that sin has crept into our lives and made our moral character dissimilar to that of His. Praise be that through confession we become right with God and able to once again communicate with Him. This week we are going to look at the final three of God’s attributes covered in this series: immanence, holiness and perfection.