Bless the Lord O my Soul

Posted on 01 Oct 2017, Pastor: Rev. Derek Geldart

While some Psalms are addressed to God, the righteous, sinners, Israel, Gentile nations and others; Psalms 103 was written by David to himself. Unlike others, this Psalm was not written due to harassment of his enemies or private guilt but to remind him to always remember the blessings God has lavished upon him. David knew it was easy to praise God in the good times but not so much during times of trials and tribulations and certainly not during times in which he was the recipient of God’s punishments. To keep from complaining, feeling depressed or having anger towards God, David reminds himself of the benefits that God has lavished upon him such as forgiveness, redemption, renewal and unending love. These benefits of course can only be received by obeying God’s commands and His will. With all these benefits in mind, with His innermost being David cries out for himself and all creation to praise the Lord!