Ignite the Passion

In many respects we as Christians appear very strange to the world in which we witness. We want to be called His children, ambassadors and priests, and even appear that way inside of the church and maybe even once in a while in the world; but the rest of the time we keep oscillating back and forth like a pendulum between Satan and God’s kingdoms. When Jesus stands at the door or our lives, knocks and wants to spend time with us we instantly turn a deaf ear or run frantically in the opposite direction. There are times when our living for Jesus can be very cold. We want to have the benefits of believing in God without obeying any of His commands. While we state that we want to always be drinking from the fountains of living waters, like an ice cube our good intentions to be holy merely melt away in a sea of life concerns. The image the world sees of Christians is sometimes a distorted one that portrays us as having allegiance to neither God nor Satan but ultimately to the greatest God of all SELF!

After having been betrayed, overwhelmed with despair, loneliness, sadness and heartbreak of trying to please our own sinful natures; don’t you think it is time to get on fire for Christ? Is it not time to stop deceiving ourselves (James 1:22) that we are already holy when in fact we need to clean the inside of the cup (Matthew 23:26) and show this world how much we love Jesus by making our deeds match God’s command to be holy (1 Peter 1:16)? It is certainly time but how does one ignite real passion to follow Jesus that is strong enough to break the mountains of our stubborn hearts? Passion comes from truly understanding how depraved we have become and how much mercy God has been showing us sinners every day. The love Christ demonstrated on the cross to appease God’s anger towards us sinners should compel us to be more like HIM (2 Corinthians 5:14-15)! When is the last time you knelt at the cross and asked HIM to clean your cup?

About the Author
Rev. Derek Geldart: "I am a Christian and I love God and all the people that God has blessed me to meet with all my heart, mind and soul. I have a Masters in theology at Acadia Divinity but am still learning more about God every day!"

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